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Lithium Oxide

Lithium oxide is a chemical compound consisting of lithium and oxygen, often used in ceramic manufacturing and as a component in lithium-ion batteries.

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What Is Lithium Oxide :

Lithium oxide (Li2O) is a white crystalline compound formed by the reaction of lithium metal or lithium hydroxide with oxygen. It has a high melting point and is insoluble in water. Lithium oxide is commonly used in the production of ceramics, especially those with high thermal conductivity, such as porcelain and stoneware. It serves as a flux, lowering the melting point of the other components in the ceramic mixture and promoting bonding between particles during firing.

Additionally, lithium oxide is a key component in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, which are widely used in electronic devices and electric vehicles. In these batteries, lithium oxide is combined with other lithium compounds to form the cathode material, where it undergoes reversible lithium-ion intercalation during the battery’s charge and discharge cycles. This process allows lithium-ion batteries to store and release electrical energy efficiently.

Lithium oxide also finds applications in various chemical processes, such as in the production of lithium salts and as a catalyst in organic synthesis. Due to its high reactivity with water and moisture, precautions must be taken when handling lithium oxide to prevent accidental reactions and ensure safety.

Chemical Properties:

  • Formula: Li₂O
  • Molar mass: 29.88 g/mol
  • Appearance: White, crystalline solid
  • Melting point: 1,438 °C
  • Boiling point: 2,600 °C
  • Solubility in water: Reacts to form lithium hydroxide (LiOH)

Medical Uses:

  • Strong base: Reacts readily with acids and water, releasing heat.
  • Hygroscopic: Absorbs moisture from the air, forming LiOH.
  • Corrosive: Can irritate skin, eyes, and respiratory system.

Industrial Uses:

  • Ceramics: As a flux to lower melting points and improve flow in glazes.
  • Glass: Can improve chemical resistance and strength.
  • Metallurgy: Used in aluminum and magnesium alloys for grain refinement.
  • Lithium compounds: Source material for lithium hydroxide, carbonate, and other salts.
  • CO₂ capture: Potential absorbent for carbon dioxide due to its high reactivity.


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